An Aromatic Story

Like a slow Sunday spent savoring stillness. A quiet lull, a cup of coffee in hand. The mind a blank page; welcoming reflection, inspiration, the space to just… be. 

As an artisanal aromatherapy brand, Sunday Edition was born from a deep desire to slow down and connect with nature. We believe that scent is a language: it expresses the Earth’s beauty, evokes emotion, and transports us to a place of true connection. Shaped with an artist’s heart and a designer’s eye, our creations feature thoughtful ingredients hand-selected for their olfactory beauty and therapeutic benefits. Nature speaks through each scent, and invites you to listen.

"Immersed in nature’s beauty, inspired by the art of slow living."

Guided By Intention

Intention: This one word guides everything that we do. Handmade in our New York City studio, each creation blends essential oils, aromatic isolates, and clean fragrances for a safe scent experience. From candle colors made from vegetable dyes, to a custom blend of natural waxes, you’ll never find hazardous solvents, toxins, parabens, or phthalates in anything we create.

As you light our candles, you’re lighting a premium cotton wick that contains no additives or chemicals for a clean burn. Breathe in, and rest easy. Each of our creations was made with you in mind.