Sunday Edition with Tess Twiehaus from Tess Interiors, Los Angeles

On Sunday with Tess Twiehaus

Meet Tess Twiehaus, the founder and principal designer of Tess Interiors, an interior design studio located in Southern California. Discover her expert design tips, the significance of intention in her work, and so much more.

Sunday Edition and Tess Twiehaus
For those who may not know you, can you tell us a little bit about yourself and where you grew up?

My name is Tess and I’m an interior designer from Southern California. I bounced to the midwest and up to the Bay Area for a bit, but moved back home to be closer to family in 2019. 

What’s your current role?

I’m the founder and principal designer at Tess Interiors.

On a typical Sunday, we can find you…

Setting myself up for the week! That means closing out weekend chores and relaxing. Sundays are very sacred to me. I’m usually at home recharging my batteries.

Sunday Edition and Tess Interiors

How does intention play a role in your designs?

There’s a great deal of thought and care that goes into interior design. If something happens “by design” it was intentional and interiors are no different. We take into consideration the homeowner’s daily practices, what brings them joy, and we do our best to translate who they are into their space. You can’t do that by accident!

Sunday Edition and Tess Interiors

How do you integrate the latest trends into your work while maintaining a deliberate focus on your own artistic vision? 

Trends are cyclical. So long as we are putting our own spin on it and it truly makes sense for the house we’re designing, I’m happy to hop on the bandwagon. The only time I’m against trends is when the only reason you’re doing it is because it’s trendy. There should be more depth there.

Sunday Edition Dawn Candle and Tess Interiors

How would you describe your personal style?

I get asked this a lot and I think I’m still developing it! Traditional reimagined, unexpected, and soulful are the words/phrases that come to mind.

For people who are starting out in interior design, what is one piece of advice you have for them?

Immerse yourself in the world as much as possible, but stay true to who you are.

Sunday Edition and Tess Interiors

Who have you been listening to lately?

Fred again is always a go-to, and Jungle. I’ve loved them for years!

Where is your favorite vacation spot to slow down and what draws you to it?

Mammoth! I love a mountain town. If I can be snowboarding or in a hot spring, completely unplugged, I’m happy.

What is currently your favorite Sunday Edition scent?

So hard to choose because they’re all so good! I have Dusk burning as I write this, so that’s my choice!

Sunday Edition Dusk Candle and Tess Interiors
All images are by Amanda Sanford

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