Sunday Edition Candles with Taylr Anne Castro

On Sunday with Taylr Anne Castro

Meet Taylr Anne Castro, a true Californian, a creative soul and a proud mother. Find out how she spends her Sundays and embraces a life of intention. 

For those who may not know you, can you tell us a little bit about yourself and where you grew up?

I was raised in Orange County, California  and was very close to my family growing up. I majored in Fine Arts in college and loved working with my hands every day. I still live in Orange County, with my husband and our (almost) two year old son. We have spent the last year renovating and making our house a home and place we love to spend our time. I work full time in content creation and brand partnerships, which brings me immense joy, and my husband is a surf photographer and videographer. He’s always in the ocean and it’s such a beautiful talent to watch. After buying our home, I have become so drawn to interiors and landscaping and I have found that this is my current creative outlet. I spend most of my days cooking, in my garden, or chasing my son.

Sunday Edition Gaia Collection

What’s your current role?

Currently, being a mother is my most important role.

On a typical Sunday, we can find you…

Relaxing at home, wandering the nursery, watering or planting in my garden, lots of cooking, and if I have a few moments to myself, I love to open a good book.

How do you relax?

Going to the Farmer’s Market, enjoying a backyard sauna session, a cup of coffee or matcha, sitting outside in the sun. 

Do you have a scent that feels nostalgic to you?

Gardenias remind me of my childhood home, and night blooming jasmine reminds me of the summer my husband and I first met. 

How would you describe your personal style?

My style is relaxed, easy and most often neutral. Since becoming a mother, I love wearing pieces that are comfortable, but still feel tailored and put together.

Sunday Edition Taylr Castro

Who have you been listening to lately?

I have a rotation of podcasts I listen to every time I get in the car.  A few of my favorites include: Reset: A Wellness Podcast for Those Who Want To Learn And Grow, Sakara Life Podcast, The Fullest Podcast, Everything is the Best, Realfoodology, The Mother Daze, and Expanded.

What’s the best piece of advice you’ve received that you’d pass on to a friend?

Figure out what it is you want in life, and say no to everything that does not lead you to that.

What’s something you’ve recently discovered that you wish more people knew about?

How easy it is to bake your own granola at home, and how much more delicious it tastes. 

When you think of Sunday Edition, what’s one word that comes to mind?



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