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On Sunday with Molly Ford

Meet Molly Ford, founder of the Brooklyn-based floral event company Flowers by Ford. Learn about the inspiration behind her floral arrangements, the balance between productivity and rest,⁠ and the importance of taking your time.⁠

For those who may not know you, can you tell us a little bit about yourself and where you grew up?

My name is Molly Ford! I am a florist in Brooklyn, NY. I grew up in a small town in Arkansas with parents who are very artistic. They showed me the beauty of nature, art, and loving others. My husband, Hudson, and I run Flowers by Ford, an event based floral design company. I love hosting dinner parties, walking my dog (Pomeranian named Milo), and gardening in my backyard.

What’s your current role?       

Small business owner! Never dreamed of running my own floral business but it just kind of happened over the pandemic. Running a  small business is filled with many roles, keeping me on my toes throughout the day. From client proposals and communication, to team management, and design elements. Hudson and I start our days at the flower market and usually end them in our home office or flower studio.

On a typical Sunday, we can find you…

If we aren’t returning a UHaul or cleaning our flowers studio post-event, we are taking things slow. Drinking coffee in the backyard, watching birds and squirrels. I’ll usually take a yoga class with my girlfriends and lately we have been sitting by the fire with friends.

What are 3 must-haves when you’re unwinding?

I love to put my phone in a different part of the house and read a book. Usually with a cup of coffee or tea and always with a candle lit. I also enjoy long walks in our neighborhood, talking on the phone with friends and family.

What scent brings you back to a happy memory?

My parents and I  would always take a summer trip to California to visit family. The smell of saltwater and fresh oranges always reminds me of summers as a child.

Who or what inspires you when creating beautiful floral arrangements?

Nature is my biggest inspiration! I’m in awe of a lush forest, an overgrown garden, the ocean, and anything with flowers. I find joy, inspiration, and peace in those moments! They slow me down and provoke me at the same time.

How do you stay up-to-date with the latest trends while ensuring that you take the time to slow down and appreciate the artistry of your work?

Instagram has given me the gift of connection with artists from all over the world. I find inspiration for their work, all the while, feel encouraged and supported as we all grow as artists. There is always a balance to find in life. Productivity & rest; inspiration & comparison. Boundaries, rest, and relationships outside of floral design have been key to balance in my life.

Who have you been listening to lately? 

I recently went to a Petey concert, well two because I loved it so much I went the next night. He will most likely be my #1 listened to artist on my Spotify wrap. I always love the Cherry Bombe podcast, finding inspiration from so many artists.

What’s the best piece of advice you’ve received that you’d pass on to a friend?         

Take your time! It’s ok to take time to figure out what your “thing” is. It’s also never too late. I think social media makes so many of us feel like we are missing out on something and that we aren’t doing enough. It’s not true! Work hard and do your best, but also give yourself grace.

When you think of Sunday Edition, what’s one word that comes to mind?



 *All images are by Ellie Patterson


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